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At Lower Barn we have a range of accommodation to suit any needs, whether it be a quick getaway or a large family party. Get in touch to book a get away!

Our Glamping Facilities -

At Lower Barn Glamping we have a large selection of Tipis, Yurts, Bell Tents and more. In this section you will see what we have to offer on our glamping facilities. 

Our Handmade Rustic Hot Water Shower & Wash Bay -

Welcoming one of our newest and most proud additions to our glamping facility, the beautiful, hand crafted, rustic hot water shower and washing up station. Perfect for having a nice hot soapy soak or to refresh the dishes after dinner.




























Our Handmade Rustic Toilet Block - (Arriving Mid August!)

Welcoming another one of our proud additions to the Lower Barn Farm Glamping facilities, our handmade rustic toilet block made completely out of local natural resources. Featuring a male toilet area (urinal, private toilet) Disabled toilet area (ramp in and out of the facility) & a female toilet area (approximately 2 private toilets).

We Are Currently Updating Our Glamping Facilities Page

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